My Approach

I believe that every individual has an innate capacity to find their own empowering inner voice and to heal themselves. To help facilitate the desired change, I enjoy teaming with clients in ways that help them utilize their own interests.

Sometimes in our lives we can become overwhelmed by emotions that feel like they could blow us over.  Letting ourselves feel these emotions just seems like too much or too inconvenient.  As a result, we can begin to hide these emotions with tremendous effort through numbing, denial, isolation from loved ones, or acting out.  Of course, over time, these patterns can take a toll on us relationally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  My hope for you and I is to collaboratively discover ways to meet moments of challenge with openness and kindness.

I have had training in Family Systems, Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-informed therapies, Play Therapy, Mindfulness, and Psychodynamic Theory, and use these all to inform my approach in therapy.  Additionally, I have specialized training and skills to provide parents with support and strategies that are grounded in relationship building and positive discipline.  I continually draw from the evidence based theories that I have learned as they relate to the needs, wishes, values, cultural identities, developmental stages, and goals of my clients.

I believe that all of us need to find ways to nourish ourselves.  Life can be depleting, at times, for most people.  For me- it helps to continually go back and refill the well. That comes in the form of writing, drama, art, yoga, and my own journey through individual therapy.  All of these have played a huge role in helping me to grow, increase the laughter in my life, and become more resilient.  I hope to share and partner with you to find ways to do the things that fill you back up, and cope with the things that inevitably come and shake it all up.